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Water Damage Indicators For Hardwood Floors

Published by 911 Restoration East Dallas on January 16, 2023 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Hardwood floors can be difficult to spot because of their color. Sometimes hardwood floor water damage goes unnoticed. You will usually notice damage to hardwood floors once it is obvious. Be careful looking for signs of water damage to hardwood floors. To ensure safety, you should use protective gear. These are signs hardwood floors might have suffered water damage.
 Water can damage hardwood floors, but not all.
 Water can cause damage to hardwood floors depending on the wood type and arrangement. 
There are several ways to tell if your hardwood floors have been damaged.
 Water damage to hardwood floors can be fixed at home or by professionals


Do you notice an increase in your water bill?

Although the leak might not be visible physically, it may show up on your monthly water bill. Unexpected increases in your water bills could indicate that there is a leak somewhere. There are several things you should consider if your water bill is higher than normal.


What is the average bill for your area?

What is your water consumption? To find the most current rates in your area, we recommend you go online. What proportion of this time did you drink more water? Sometimes it is necessary to invite our family members over and take more bubble baths. What time of year was this? It can result in higher water bills because we use more water in summer months. Many people water their gardens or care for their pools in summer, which can lead to higher water bills. A faucet that leaks at a rate greater than 1 drip per minute could cause 17 gallons to be lost in one day. It is unacceptable to have 17 gallons water leaking onto your hardwood floors each day. If you notice an increase in your water bills, it is important to immediately call a water damage professional.

Do you notice a bad odor in your home?

The unique smell of water damage in East Dallas is easy to identify. Musty odors indicate that moisture is present in places it shouldn’t be. Mold growth releases chemicals that cause a musty odor. This happens because it eats, grows and multiplies. Mold can be made of many compounds that react with one another. If you notice a strong odor in a room, get fresh air moving quickly. We recommend opening windows to get rid of bacteria. Porous materials are a breeding ground for mold. It is important to inspect your home carefully. To determine if mold is present, it’s important to locate the source of moisture. To resolve any problems, contact a professional such as 911 Restoration of East Dallas.

Do you notice any cracking in your floors?

Cupping is when the edges are raised higher than their centers. This is what you’ll see if your flooring was installed correctly. The floor expands, which causes the boards to crack and form at the edges.

Do you notice spores in your home?

If you discover mold spores in your hardwood floors, it is important to take safety precautions. Mold can cause allergic reactions. Wear a dust mask while self-cleaning to protect your skin. Spray the floor with a mixture water and white vinegar to quickly get rid of mold growth. For every 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup vinegar will be needed. In more severe cases, you can use equal amounts vinegar and water to treat the area. Spray the floor with a sprayer and let it dry until dry. A moisture meter can be used to ensure the floor is dry. Mold wood floors that have been damaged by water will not be able to quickly recover. Drying them is the best way to do this. It is best to call a local restoration firm if your flooring has suffered water damage. A contractor might be needed to sand the floor and refinish it after water damage is repaired. Contractors can sand the wood and restore it to its original condition. This will remove any visible signs that water damage has occurred.

Do you notice planks breaking down?

Wood expands under certain conditions, so it’s not something to be concerned about. Extreme buckling could be a sign of other problems.

Hardwood floors can be damaged by water

Wood will adjust to moisture changes by moving up. Water spots and stains can also be found on your flooring. Water can be prevented from getting into your wood flooring by regularly inspecting the coating for wear and tear, waxing it with protective coating or applying wood oil.

Wood acclimation

Before installing, allow wood to adapt to its environment for at most two weeks. Before wood can buckle, it must be able to adapt to its environment. If buckling does not occur, it is safe to assume moisture was present.

Unsuccessfully installed hardwood floors

It is crucial to properly install wood. It is important to use the correct tools and to properly install the moisture barrier. Or, the moisture barrier must be correctly installed. This could cause buckling. It is best to leave a 1/4-1/2 inch to 1/2 inch gap around the room’s edge in order to reduce the risk of buckling.

Hardwood floors must be maintained

To maintain beautiful hardwood floors, you should make it part of your routine maintenance. These are the best things to do for hardwood floors. Water damage must be addressed immediately to ensure hardwood floors last for a long time. Water damage to wood flooring can be fixed by a company that specializes in water damage restoration.


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