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How To Detect An Underground Water Leak On Your Own

Published by 911 Restoration East Dallas on September 7, 2022 in category: Blog

Underground leaks can often be caused by unknown causes. You can find the source of underground leaks with the right tools before calling a professional leak detection firm like 911 Restoration of East Dallas. Leaks can cause serious problems in your home. Water damage or mold could cause serious problems in your home for many years, especially if the leak is not detected as soon as possible. To dry the affected area, repair the problem and maintain good air quality, you must first identify the issue. Each type of leak has a different cost depending on how difficult it is to detect.


Slab Leak Detection Services

These leaks are often found underground in the slab of your house and are common in earthquake-prone areas. The combination of hard water and soil chemicals can cause cracks, hot spots, and a consistent sounding water. To locate the origination point, professionals use both acoustic and electronic tools.  To keep you connected with the city’s water main, your property’s water pipes are located under your foundation or in your slab. It could take some time to find out if there is a leak in these pipes. Although it can be difficult to locate a leak, you can help professionals like 911 Restoration of East Dallas come out to fix it.


Underground Water Leaks: What Causes Them?

Water or soil chemicals can cause water pipe failures. Cracks and holes can allow water to seep into your soil, slab or home. Earthquakes, earthquakes and other natural disasters can cause water lines to crack or become too pressured. Water could cause soil to move away from your slab. Due to structural problems or health concerns, your property could become unsafe to live in.


DIY Underground Water Leak Detection

There are many ways to detect leaks without costly equipment. Your water meter is one of the best ways to detect a leak. Turn off all water fixtures in your home. While you are doing this, check for any leaks. You should inspect all water pipes that are accessible for signs of corrosion, damage, or moisture. If all looks fine, verify that the toilets are not running. Check your water meter to see if it is spinning.

Although you won’t be able to pinpoint the exact location of the leak, it will be confirmed by professionals. Listen for running water as you walk around the house. This may give you a good idea of where the problem is. To determine when your pipes were damaged, go through your water bills. An unexpected spike in water usage can help you determine how long it has been leaking into your slab and the soil around it. Long-term issues can lead to higher repair costs as water damage can spread through your home or shift the slab.

Take into account the humidity in your home. Is it humid enough to make your home feel like you are in a hot shower? Are there any condensation or moistness on your walls? This is a cheap way to test these levels. You want between 35 and 50 percent humidity. Leakage can cause mold and mildew to grow on walls, ceilings and baseboards. Cracks in walls and ceilings could indicate that your slab is shifting from the soil movement caused by the excess water. Water stains can also be a sign of something wrong. However, they are also an indication of other damage.

Are you experiencing a drop in water pressure or hot water consumption that is faster than usual? These symptoms may not be caused by a problem with your water heater or broken shower head. You might have an underground leak. It is easier to find the source of the leak if your hot water pipe has a broken section. Hot spots can be felt due to heat, and this allows you to point professionals like 911 Restoration of East Dallas in the right direction at 469-398-2841.


What to Expect from a Professional Leak Detection Company

If you suspect that there is an underground leak, a professional leak detection company will be able to locate it using special equipment. You can point them in the right direction if you know where the problem is. It is possible to reduce the time required to assess the extent of the problem as well as the best method to solve it. Professionals use infrared cameras and sound equipment to find the leak without having to break through concrete.

It’s not easy to find out where water is going. However, it will make the job easier if you give them a starting point. You can minimize potential damage by checking your home for possible leaks now. Are you looking for immediate expert assistance to address your mold damage or potential leak? We will provide expert advice and help you to locate the source of the leak and minimize damage. Call us at 469-398-2841we’re available 24/7/365.

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