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Common Causes For Commercial Water Damage

Published by 911 Restoration East Dallas on August 25, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

There are many hazards involved in opening a local business. Water is one of the main causes of business closures. If business owners consider how water could damage their local businesses, they might picture a huge storm or hurricane that knocks them out of business for several days or even weeks. Storms are rare and rarely cause damage to buildings. Unpredicted events are the most common form of water hazards. It is important to be aware of some of the most common types of water damage to commercial property damage.


Appliances and equipment that are broken

Sometimes, commercial flood damage may occur when appliances or equipment start to fail. Many appliances can break including sinks and toilets as well as dryers and washing machines. Water can seep into the building when these devices back up. This can cause a significant problem if the problem is not noticed by someone else.


Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems are designed to protect businesses from fires. However, they can also fail, causing widespread water damage to the entire building. The more old sprinkler systems, the more likely they will fail. If sprinkler systems are old, faulty or neglected, they can cause flood damage. Broken sprinkler systems can cause widespread inventory loss, and the destruction of important hardware in flooded offices.


Sewer lines that back up

Sewer lines are a common source of commercial water damage. They can back up, catching everyone off guard. Black water is the greatest danger when sewer lines back-up. This is especially toxic and can cause irreparable damage to electronic devices as well as office furnishings. It is vital for business owners to keep up with maintenance of the building. This could prevent a commercial water catastrophe.


Pipes that have been ripped

Pipes and plumbing can burst, just like residential water damage. It is crucial to ensure that water flows freely through pipes when temperatures drop. If water is not able to flow through the pipes, it could freeze. Water expands when frozen, which can lead to broken pipes and water leakage damage. In a matter of seconds, a big break can result in a flood.



911 Restoration of East Dallas: You can trust the professionals

Water damage can happen at any moment. It is crucial to quickly address water leakage problems in buildings when this happens. 911 Restoration of East Dallas is the best choice for commercial water damage restoration. Our water damage specialists can assist with flood damage repair and commercial disaster restoration. They also have the ability to handle drain backup, damage from sewage, and other issues. We offer water restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information about our services, call us today!

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